Башня демона - читать онлайн книгу бесплатно. Автор: Дебра Дойл, Джеймс Д. Макдоналд

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Онлайн книга - Башня демона

Мастерскую волшебника заливал голубоватый свет. Это сияние исходило от двух пересекающихся магических кругов, раскинувшихся посреди пола, будто пара сцепленных колец. В каждом кругу стояло по волшебнику.

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Автор книги - Дебра Дойл

Дебра Дойл - биография автора

Dr. Debra Doyle (born 1952) is an American author writing in multiple related genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. Many of her stories are co-written with her husband, James D. Macdonald. Their novel, Knight's Wyrd, was awarded the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature in 1992 and appeared on the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age list in 1993.

Together Dr. Doyle and Uncle Jim (James Macdonald) make up part of the core membership of the sff.net website and rec.arts.sff newsgroup. Both of them also teach at the Viable Paradise genre...

Дебра Дойл биография автора Биография автора - Дебра Дойл

Автор книги - Джеймс Д. Макдоналд

Джеймс Д. Макдоналд - биография автора

James D. Macdonald (born 1954) is an American author and critic who lives in New Hampshire with his wife and frequent collaborator, Dr. Debra Doyle. He works in several genres, concentrating on fantasy, but also writing science fiction, and mystery and media tie-ins.
Macdonald was born in 1954, and raised in White Plains, New York. He attended the University of Rochester, and went on to serve in the US Navy for fifteen years. He has been writing professionally since the early 1990s and has published 35 novels.

Джеймс Д. Макдоналд биография автора Биография автора - Джеймс Д. Макдоналд

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