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We must take a different place: not consumption, but knowledge, work and movement must take the place of shopping and other dominants of the consumer society of the XX century.

We must stop selling, advertising and buying unnecessary and redundant things. We must understand that excessive production and consumption are really destroying our planet. In the structure of our needs their place will be replaced by the knowledge, the work and the movement (sports, travel, expeditions). In this area, computer technology will help us, as it will allow us to collect and clarify information about the needs of people, consolidating it and coordinating production with the necessary consumption.

Will we face the problem of overpopulation?

I answer: we will not collide if we trust the human nature. To limit a person in the matter of procreation can and should not be an external factor, but internal, that is, his own consciousness.

The history already knows examples: in Jared Diamondʹs book «Collapse» are explained some cases when inhabitants of isolated Islands in the Pacific ocean started to control the birth rate themselves. It was their own decision, and such mini civilizations lasted millennia.

A Man as a spiritual being cannot live without a dream. I believe that in the twenty-first century our dream should be a massive journey into Space. We must discover transportation technologies those are cost-effective and environmentally friendly so that many people can begin to explore outer space.

I also share in this issue the point of view of the Soviet scientist and science fiction writer Ivan Efremov, who in the 1960-1970s wrote that for this (to come to the space) humanity must first of all overcome the moral barrier.

If we build a caste cannibalistic society, we will put an end to the plans for space exploration. They will become unrealizable. The service of man to man, the love of neighbor are the necessary conditions to overcome this barrier.

Speaking about the moral barrier, I think it is necessary to add from myself that, overcoming it, we will inevitably have to answer the religious question: about God, we trust.

Being Orthodox, I know the answer to this question for myself.

And that was one of the reasons why I decided to address this letter to you.

We are able and must change the guidelines and goals now, until new and more serious mistakes are not made. We must pull humanity out of the swamp of the consumer obscurantism and we should return to it spiritual goals and ideals, faith in the future.

Sincerely Yours,

Attorney at law, barrister of the Moscow Bar,

PhD at economics

Evgeny Imenitov

22 August 2018, Moscow

Письмо от 11.11.2018 г. «Перспективы развития евразийского сотрудничества и, возможно, последний шанс «удержаться в седле»

President of the United States of America

Donald John Trump

Президент Российской Федерации Владимир Путин

中共中央总书记、国家主席、 中央军委主席习近平

ЦК КПК Генеральный секретарь и Президент страны и Председатель CMC КНР Си Цзиньпин

The prospects of global Eurasian cooperation and possibly the last chance to «stay in the saddle»

Перспективы развития евразийского сотрудничества и, возможно, последний шанс «удержаться в седле»

Dear Sirs,

Recently I happened to read a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski «Strategic vision: America and the crisis of global power». In the assessment of the current situation, I almost fully agree with his view of the state of Affairs in the world.

Mr. Brzezinskiʹs critical analysis, devoid of almost any sentimentality, deserves the closest attention of the current US, Russian and Chinese administrations.

Having lost a competitor, as it has been for longtime the former Soviet Union, the United States and their economic and social system have been degraded. Even so, North America, according to Brzezinski, would retain global leadership until 2020–2025, but then promptly will lose it. The Society of the United States, fixated on consumerism, is fading just as the old world in Europe.

We are approaching 2020 and the turning point. In the USA the gap between rich and poor people enforced by migration problems is growing. The situation on the border with Mexico is heating up. And nowhere we see any strategic, future-oriented solutions. The US administration demonstrates in its issue a common reflection and a hope for the power capabilities of the government, which relies on the tactics of deterrence.

The democratic world has no vision of the future. The Self-destructive selfishness erodes it. The same thing we see at the top of the Russian society.

Our Russian oligarchs – basically trivial traitors of the native land, live on the ancient Roman principle: Ubi bene ibi patria. They have no lofty goals and moral ideals, they are slaves to capital that controls them, not vice versa.

The modern world has a desperate shortage of dreams. Against this background the three global powers are now engaged in tug of war: the US, China and Russia. Some more forces are still in ambush. These are India, Turkey and Iran. The problem is that no one has a new vision of the future, suitable for the XXI century.

United States continue to want to dominate. But why? America won the Cold war and became the master of the world in 1991. And what did it get her? The degradation of the population? The drop in the level of education? Games of all kinds and idleness finally have been the true results of the Pyrrhus victory.

Gambling instead of hard working and the lust for easy riches gave birth to a deep crisis of the entire economic system of the West. It all looks like Romeʹs period of decline. The lack of competition and of the incentive to keep yourself in a good shape are killing America faster than the former confrontation with the USSR.

It is important that all these social diseases are constantly progressing.

I and many other people in Russia clearly understand that the US sanctions for Russia are not a punishment for the Crimea, but perform as a penalty for the transmission of the far Eastern territories of Russia under Chinese jurisdiction, never mind in whatever way it is decorated. Our Siberia and the Far East is the territory of the development of the new century, and America would like to keep it for itself.

Yes, the US won the cold war, but what were the certain high projects and plans those were implemented jointly by America and Russia in the beginning of this century?

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