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Онлайн книга - 2024-й | Автор книги - Юрий Никитин

Cтраница 131
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MIRL — Meet in real life.

MorF — Male or Female.

MOS — Momover shoulder.

MTFBWU — May the force be with you.


NE — Any.

NBD — No big deal.

NMU — Not much, you?

NP — No problem.

NRN — No response necessary.

NOOB — «Newbie» — someone who is a novice.


OIC — Oh, I see.

OMG — Oh my god.

OTP — On the phone.

OWTTE — Or words to that effect.


P911 — Parent emergency.

PAW — Parents are watching.

PCM — Please call me.

PIR — Parent in room.

PLS — Please.

PLZ — Please.

POC — Point of contact.

POS — Parent over shoulder.

POV — Point of view.

PRW — Parents are watching.


Q — Question.


ROTFL — Rolling on the floor laughing.

RL — Real life.

RSN — Real soon now.

RUOK? — Are you okay?


SFETE — Smiling from ear to ear.

SIT — Stay in touch.

SOZ — Sorry.

SOW — strong or weak.

SYS — See you soon.

S2R — Send to receive.


TAFN — That’s all for now.

TBA — To be announced.

TBH — To be honest.

THX — Thanks.

TIA — Thanks in advance.

TMB — Text me back.

TOY — Thinking of you.

TTFN — Ta ta for now.

TTYL — Talk to you later.

TY — Thank you.


U — You.

U2 — You too.


VL — virtual life.

VW — virtual world.


WB — Welcome back.

W/E — Whatever.

WFM — Works for me.

WTG — Way to go.

WTH — What the hell?

WU — What’s up?

WYGOWM — Will you go out with me?


XOXO — Hugs and kisses.


Y — Why.

YT? — You there?

YW — You are welcome.


ZZZ — Tired or bored

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