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Шерил Дж. Андерсон

Шерил Дж. Андерсон

I've always loved mysteries -- the puzzle, the suspense, the vindication. But I've been working in television, where the emphasis has shifted to the forensics and the procedures of investigation. That's why I wanted to make Killer Heels an "anti-procedural," a throwback to the days of Nick and Nora Charles, when the proper cocktail was a crucial part of the investigation, and sly banter and snappy patter were key to getting a confession.

Killer Heels was my first novel. I'd always wanted to write one, but I took the long way around. I was a playwright in college (College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia), then headed to Los Angeles to try my hand at screenwriting. After a brief brush with movies, I moved into television, working as a development executive for Grant Tinker's GTG Entertainment. I then became a half-hour (sitcom) writer, working on shows including Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Dave's World. More recently, I have been working as a writer/​producer in hour (drama) television, on shows such as Charmed and For the People. Now, with Killer Cocktail and Killer Deal on the shelves and "Molly #4" in the works, I am hooked on writing novels.

In addition to my writing, I teach for Act One, an instructional program for Christian screenwriters, and for UCLA's Writer's Extension Program.

I live in Los Angeles with my amazing husband, Mark Parrott, and our two terrific children, Sara and Sean.