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Патриция Мэтьюз


Патриция Мэтьюз (также Патришия Мэтьюс) - американская писательница, автор любовно-исторических, любовно-фантастических и готических романов.

Patricia Anne Klein Ernst was born on July 1, 1927 in San Fernando, California. Her mother enrolled her in the famous Meglin Kiddies school, but she recorded only two of her songs professionally for one demo tape. She worked and studied at California State University, Los Angeles.

In 1946, she married Marvin Owen Brisco and moved to Arizona. By 1961, the marriage had ended in divorce. Focused on her writing career, she returned to California, where she met the writer Clayton Matthews in a local writers' group. After Matthews divorced his first wife, he and Patricia married in 1971 and lived near San Diego.

Matthews started to write poetry, juvenile books, a play, fantasy and mystery short stories, which she signed under different names: Patricia Ernst, P.A. Brisco and Pat A. Brisco. Using the names Patty Brisco and Pat Brisco, she wrote gothic novels.

When the market for gothic novels softened, at the suggestion of the Matthews' agent, Jay Garon, she began to write romance novels under her second married name, Patricia Matthews. She and her husband also collaborated on several romance and suspense novels using the pseudonyms Laura Wylie and Laurie Wylie. She and her husband wrote five Casey Farrell mystery novels together, and she wrote three on her own, the Thumbprint Mysteries, set in the American Southwest. With Denise Hrivnak, she also wrote under the pseudonym Denise Matthews.

Her husband Clayton died in 2004. Patricia died on December 7, 2006 in the Brisco family home in Prescott, Arizona.