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Гейл Линдс

Гейл Линдс

Гейл Линдс - американская писательница, член Американской ассоциации разведчиков (U.S. Association for Intelligence Officers).
Получила известность как романистка в мужском жанре шпионского романа или шпионского триллера. Имеет литературные премии, ее книги опубликованы более чем в 20 странах.

Родилась в Небраске, выросла в Айове, образование журналиста получила в Университете Айовы, ныне живет в Калифорнии, целиком занимаясь писательским творчеством.

Lynds began her writing career as a reporter for the Arizona Republic, where her investigative reporting made such an impact that it led to changes in state legislation. Later, she was an editor with Top Secret security clearance at a government think tank. Her fiction career began with literary short stories published under her own name and several pulp fiction novels under male pseudonyms such as G.H. Stone, Gayle Stone, Nick Carter, and Don Pendleton. She also wrote three novels in The Three Investigators, a YA mystery novel series. With Robert Ludlum, she created the Covert-One series and wrote three of the books. In 2004, she co-founded and was elected co-president (with David Morrell) of International Thriller Writers, Inc.

The Last Spymaster was awarded the 2006 Novel of the Year prize from the Military Writers Society of America. Masquerade was listed by Publishers Weekly as one of the ten top spy novels of all time. The Coil was a 2004 BookPage "Notable Title" and won the Affaire de Coeur reader poll for "Best Contemporary Novel." Mosaic was named "Thriller of the Year" by Romantic Times magazine. Mesmerized was a finalist for the 2002 Daphne du Maurier Award. The Hades Factor, which she cowrote with Robert Ludlum, was a CBS television miniseries in April 2006.

Gayle Lynds was the first author to be featured by The Internet Book Database in June 2006.
Her husband, fellow novelist Dennis Lynds, died in August 2005.

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