Джоэл Розенберг - биография автора

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Джоэл Розенберг

Джоэл Розенберг (1.05.1954) — американо-канадский писатель-фантаст, автор фэнтези.
As a science fiction and fantasy author, he is best known for his long-running "Guardians of the Flame" series.
He was raised in eastern North Dakota and northern Connecticut, and holds dual American and Canada citizenship. Whilst attending the University of Connecticut, he met and married Felicia Herman.
Joel's occupations, before settling down to writing full-time, have included, truck driving, care work, bookkeeping, gambling, motel desk-clerking, and a two-week stint of passing himself off as a head chef.
Joel's first sale, an op-ed piece favoring nuclear power, was published in The New York Times. His stories have appeared in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Perpetual Light, Amazing Science Fiction Stories, and TSR's The Dragon.
Hobbies include backgammon, poker, bridge, as well as cooking; his broiled butterfly leg of lamb has to be tasted to be believed.
He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife Felicia, his daughters Judy and Rachel, 4 cats and 1 dog.