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Li Shijun. Zhonggou dou xi jian shang [An Appreciation of Chinese Cricket Fighting]. Shanghai: Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 2001.

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Nossig, Alfred. Zionismus und Judenheit: Krisis und Lösung [Zionism and Jewry: Crisis and Solution]. Berlin: Interterritorialer Verlag «Renaissance», 1922.

Nuti, Lucia. The Mapped Views by George Hoefnagel: The Merchant’s Eye, the Humanist’s Eye // Word and Image 4 (1988): 545–570.

Nye, Robert A. The Rise and Fall of the Eugenics Empire: Recent Perspectives on the Impact of Biomedical Thought in Modern Society // Historical Journal 36 (1993): 687–700.

Okumoto Daizaburo. Hakubutsugakuno kyojin Anri Faburu [Henri Fabre: A Giant of Natural History]. Tokyo: Syueisya, 1999.

Osten-Sacken, Carl Robert. A Singular Habit of «Hilara» // Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine 14 (1877): 126–127.

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Ploetz, Alfred. Die Tüchtigkeit unserer Rasse und der Schutz der Schwachen: Ein Versuch über die Rassenhygiene und ihr Verhältnis zu den humane Idealen, besonders zum Sozialismus [The Efficiency of Our Race and the Protection of the Weak: An Essay Concerning Racial Hygiene and Its Relationship to Humanitarian Ideals, in Particular to Socialism]. Berlin: S. Fischer, 1895.

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Seeley, Thomas D. The Wisdom of the Hive: The Social Physiology of Honey Bee Colonies. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1995.

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